Surfing the Slug

Yes ! You're surfing a slug right now. Or to be more precise a NSLU2 .

A little NAS which enthusiasts transformed into a full blown Debian box. Ok you might miss the keyboard and the OpenGL support for all your ego shooter delights, but beside of this it does what a computer is supposed to do.

When I was shopping for a web-presence it turned out that none of the providers really fitted my needs. I can live without a hefty SQL backend and wanted to serve static pages spiced with a little Javascript magic anyway. On the other hand it was important to have complete control over the server even to the degree where I just want to stand up from my desk and push the reset button without having to call a understaffed call-center possibly located somewhere in india. This little fellow is just what I needed. Took me just an afternoon to mount Debian 4.0 on it and of I went.

It's also quite tender to my electricity bill which which I can't seem to get from raising higher and higher.

Of course you can not install an Apache Server. Well -- actually you can, but the result isn't too impressive. Also any larger PHP or Ruby/RAILS backend just eats up all your memory and CPU-Cycles faster than you can say "ups.." but with Lighttpd I'm not even touching the swap partition. I guess the real bottle-neck is the DSL-uplink for now.

So ... welcome to my slug...

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