AdAuction is a Wordpress Plugin which implements an auctioning and quick buy system for advertisement space on a wordpress page. Wordpress pages and posts can be populated with adcertisement space aka. billboards which can be claimed for sepcified periods of time by advertiserts.These Advertisers simply have to register with the system and afterwards click on a billboard to claim it for their ads. Advertisements which have been successfully claimed can be edited right away with text and images and may show up as such for every normal visitor of the Worpress site until the campign period expires.
All these steps can be performed without any further administrator interaction. Payments and refunds are performed transparently via PayPal.

You may see AdAuction in action on lineup.shoes...

How it works

As a Wordpress plugin AdAuction automatically generates billboard groups (aka advertisement space) on every Wordpress page/post that have been tagged for advertisement. Initially these billboards are empty and up for sale. If someone is interested in claiming the billboard for a given campaign period she may register at the AdAuction system and place bids on the billboards in question or directly purchase the advertisement space if it has been configured to be available via direct purchase. Bids will be paid for via PayPal immediately and refunded automatically if outbid.

If one is the current owner (highest or final bidder) of the billboard he may directly edit the text and image representing the advertisement of the billboard. If the time slot (i.e. campaign time) for the billboard is also the current time period the modified advertisement will also be visible as such for all normal visitors of the Wordpress site immediately.

As a Webside visitor

AdAuction Billboard group An AdAuction Billboard group consists of three billboards. Each billboard provides space for an image followed by a Text area for advertisement messages. When hitting either the text or the image the Wordpress visitor will be redirected to the advertisers target page.

When visiting a Wordpress website any post or page may be "spiced" with "Billboard Groups" consisting of three billboards each. An advertisement on a billboard is represented by an image and an accompanying text. The billboard group may appear anywhere within the text and clicking it will redirect the user to a target URL specified by the advertiser.

As an Advertiser

AdAuction Registration form Before claiming advertisement space with AdAuction companies have to register with the AdAuction plugin.

If someone is interested in advertising on a specific billboard she may simply hit the "Like to advertise..." link displayed on each page/post and will be transferred to the "AdAuction Registration" form.
Here one has to provide basic informations about the company for which to advertise and simple credentials like username and password in order to authorize as a validated advertiser for the AdAuction System.
If one already has valid credentials he may simply use the Login... dialog in order to access the AdAuction features.

AdAuction Login Dialog Users already registered with the AdAuction system may use the Login dialog in order to claim advertisement space.

After registration or login the appearance of billboard changes. Each billbaord is followed by a "CLAIM THIS AD SPACE" button that when hit expands to represent an Auction Status Dialog which shows:

  • The campaign periods currently defined for the billboard. This may be years or other periods like "Autumn 2017" or "Holiday period 2018".
  • If a specific campaign time has already been claimed by the current user or others. This means the auction period for the given campaign has already expired and the billboard has a final owner or the billboard has been purchased via direct purchase meaning simply been payed for once.
  • What is the current highest bid on the billboard and which amount has to be placed to place the next higher bid. The next bid may be defined by a simple offset e.g. 10€ more then the last bid, or it may be defined dynamically calculated as a percentage of the current bid (see subscription period).

AdAuction billboard appearance when logged in After authentification the representation of a billboard changes and potential advertisers get access to a "CLAIM THIS AD" button.
Auction Status Dialog below a billboard A dialog below each billboard visible for regstered users shows informations about the current auctions for the billboard and associated campaign periods.

This dialog also gives the opportunity to place a bid on the billboard. Simply us the up/down arrows to set the bid value and hit the BID button. You will be transfered to the Bidding Dialog on which you may validate your bid before being redirected to PayPal in order to transfer the amount.
Any other previous bidder will get his payment refunded directly after outbid.

AdAuction Bidding Dialog AdAuction Bidding Dialog showing the price and mode of a claim. If hitting the BID button here advertisers will be redirected to PayPal to authorize their money transfer.

Billboards owned by the advertiser for a specifc campaign period may be edited directly. If the advertiser owns the billboard for the current time period he may simply upload or drop image files on the advertisement to change the picture or hit the text to activate a WYSIWYG editor.
Appearances in future campaign periods may be edited by hitting the EDIT button in th Auction Status Dialog below the advertisement for the specific campaign time.

Editing an AdAuction billboard Editing an AdAuction Billboard. The text editor allows to set styles like bold and italic and other features.

As a Wordpress Author

Inserting empty billboards into a post or article is rather simple. One only has to insert the [adau_blob] tag into the text and an empty Billboard Group will be inserted automatically.
Minimal requirements for a Billboard group Editing an AdAuction Billboard. The text editor allows to set styles like bold and italic and other features.

As a Wordpress Administrator

Configure PayPal Access...

Basic AdAuction configuration Dialog #1: Setting the PayPal credentials for the AdAuction Wordpress plugin.

After installation and activation of the AdAuction plugin one has to provide the PayPal client ID and client secret to get started with the plugin. You need to have a valid PayPal credential pair for the REST API apps in order to use the plugin. To obtain a credential pair one has to register his application with PayPal. This registration comes in two flavours.

  1. A Sandbox account is used for test purposes only. You may register associated fake customer accounts to test money transactions like bidding and refunding without any real money being transferd.

  2. Real accounts are used when you've done your testing and you're ready to accept real money transfers from potential advertisers.
A checkbox is used to tell the AdAuction plugin which kind if PayPal API you want to use.

Define Advertisement Campaigns...

After this administrators may create Advertisement campaigns. A Campaign defines a period of time for which a set of billboards may be claimed by an potential Advertiser.

In addition one has to define the modus operandi of billboard purchase which either might be either

  1. Direct Purchase i.e. no auction at all. A potential advertiser may purchase the advertisement space directly without any auction taking place.

  2. Auction mode. Potential Advertisers have to place bids for the billboard. In order to place a bid a potential advertiser has to transfer the bidding via PayPal. If he is outbid his money will be automatically refunded. If the administrator defines a campaign period to operate in auction mode (s|)he may also define the progression value for the so called subscription period. In an auction campaign without any progression value the next higher bid simply has to be at least 10€ higher then the current bid. If however a progression value is specified the rise of the bidding is dynamically growing based on a percentage of the last bid.

    For example:
    If the last bid is 100€ and the progression rate is 50% the next bid has to be at least 100 + (50% of 100) + 10€ == 10€;

Basic AdAuction configuration Dialog #2: Defining a Campaign with time period and auction style (auction, direct buy) for the AdAuction Wordpress plugin.
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