niftyLib Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

The niftyLib namespace.

Mainly a collection of other namespaces for everything I found usefull during coding.

The whole niftyLib project started out as a kind of junkyard for all classes functions and typedefs I found usefull for different projects. Especially the IO streambuffers showed their usefullness in various projects.

Data Structures

class  iexception_t
 Class template for a generic exception object which extends the SUPER class and provides the pure virtual std::exception::what method. More...
class  iexception_buf_t
 An offstring of std::basic_stringbuff which throws an exception whenever an std::ends gets inserted int the buffer. More...
class  iexception_stream_t
 An std::ostream offspring which serves as a collector of formated text to be used as the iexception_t::what argument for exception throwing. More...


namespace  IO
 All classes functions typedefs we need for input/output operations within the niftyLib namespace.
namespace  SFINAE
 Currently a almost empty namespace holding structs and types we need for SFINAE magic.
namespace  STR
 Namespace niftyLib::STR collects a couple of classes and methods for string manipulations.
namespace  UTIL
 Templates for basic compile-time decisions.


typedef iexception_t
< std::exception > 
 This type of Exceptions and subtypes thereof are thrown by the niftyLib class collection.


template<class _N>
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const iexception_t< _N > &e)
 Finaly an conventient output operator for iexception_t.

Typedef Documentation

typedef iexception_t<std::exception> niftyLib::Exception

This type of Exceptions and subtypes thereof are thrown by the niftyLib class collection.

It also supports nifty output formating of the what method string.

See also:

Function Documentation

template<class _N>
std::ostream& niftyLib::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const iexception_t< _N > &  e 
) [inline]

Finaly an conventient output operator for iexception_t.

This one just dumps out the what string onto the ostream

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