Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
niftyLib::STR::basic_conv< iCharT, xCharT, TraitsT >A code conversion class for std::basic_string<CharT> objects
niftyLib::STR::basic_conv< iCharT, iCharT, std::char_traits< iCharT > >Conv<iCharT,xCharT> specialization for cases where iCharT==xCharT
niftyLib::STR::basic_conv_base< iCharT, xCharT, TraitsT >The base class of all basic_conv variants
niftyLib::IO::basic_fd_device< CharT, TraitsT >A IO-Device which is associated with a unix-style fd file
niftyLib::IO::basic_log_filter< CharT, TraitsT, DeviceT >Special purpose device nifty for outputting strings into a log file or syslog facility
niftyLib::IO::basic_log_intro< iCharT, TraitsT >A I/O manipulator setting the current str_log_filter::log_intro of an associated std::basic_ostream<CharT>
niftyLib::IO::basic_streambuf< CharT, PolicyT, TraitsT >A fundamental double buffer streambuf implementation which offers pur virtual read/write methods to be overwritten by sublasses
niftyLib::UTIL::bool_and< _A, _B >
niftyLib::UTIL::bool_and< true, true >
niftyLib::UTIL::bool_expression< _B >Most generic bool_expression
niftyLib::UTIL::bool_expression< true >Bool_expression specialization for _B==true
niftyLib::UTIL::bool_false_expressionBase class for all boolean template structs that default to false
niftyLib::UTIL::bool_not< _A >
niftyLib::UTIL::bool_not< false >
niftyLib::UTIL::bool_or< _A, _B >
niftyLib::UTIL::bool_or< false, false >
niftyLib::UTIL::bool_true_expressionBase class for all true boolean template structs of the UTIL namespace
niftyLib::UTIL::bool_xor< _A, _B >
niftyLib::IO::codecvt_streambuf< iCharT, xCharT, PolicyT, iTraitsT, xTraitsT >A generic approach towards a imbueable streambuf
niftyLib::UTIL::conditional_const< _T, false, false >
niftyLib::UTIL::conditional_const< _T, true, false >
niftyLib::UTIL::conditional_ptr_to_const< _T, false, false >
niftyLib::UTIL::conditional_ptr_to_const< _T, true, false >
niftyLib::UTIL::conditional_ref_to_const< _T, false, false >
niftyLib::UTIL::conditional_ref_to_const< _T, true, false >
niftyLib::IO::device< CharT, TraitsT >Generic Output device from which one might to choose to derive a new device class
niftyLib::IO::device_streambuf< CharT, DeviceT, PolicyT, TraitsT, CodeCvt >Device_streambuf to be connected with a device
niftyLib::IO::device_streambuf< CharT, DeviceT, PolicyT, TraitsT, false >Specialization for device_streambuf whenever the CharT of the streambuf equals the CharT of the associated device
niftyLib::IO::device_streambuf< CharT, DeviceT, PolicyT, TraitsT, true >Partial specialisation if iCharT != xCharT
niftyLib::IO::device_streambuf_base< SuperT, DeviceT >Base class for all specializations of device_streambuf
niftyLib::IO::device_streambuf_policy< CharT, DeviceT >Beside the standard stuff inherited from basic_streambuf_policy we also deternmine if the CharT of the streambuf differs from the CharT for the associated device<CharT,TraitsT>
niftyLib::IO::err< C >A conditional stderr stream reference
niftyLib::IO::filter< CharT, TraitsT, DeviceT >Template class filter represents a device which pipes its output/input to/from another device (which of course might be another filter)
niftyLib::iexception_buf_t< _Exception, _CharT, _Traits, _Alloc >An offstring of std::basic_stringbuff which throws an exception whenever an std::ends gets inserted int the buffer
niftyLib::iexception_stream_t< _Exception, _CharT, _Traits, _Alloc >An std::ostream offspring which serves as a collector of formated text to be used as the iexception_t::what argument for exception throwing
niftyLib::iexception_t< SUPER >Class template for a generic exception object which extends the SUPER class and provides the pure virtual std::exception::what method
niftyLib::UTIL::is_const< _T >Is_const uses the is_const type_traits from the BOOST library and expands it with our {yes, no} nomenclature
niftyLib::UTIL::is_const_ptr< _T >
niftyLib::UTIL::is_const_ptr< const _T * >
niftyLib::UTIL::is_const_ref< _T >
niftyLib::UTIL::is_const_ref< const _T & >
niftyLib::UTIL::is_ptr_to_const< _T >
niftyLib::UTIL::is_ptr_to_const< _T const * >
niftyLib::UTIL::is_ptr_to_const< _T const *const >
multiform_filter< CharT, TraitsT >
niftyLib::UTIL::same_type< _C1, _C2 >Determine at compile time if two types are identical
niftyLib::IO::str_log_filter< CharT, TraitsT, DeviceT >A basic_log_filter subclass which dumps out a given string at the beginning of every detected newline-sequence
niftyLib::IO::streambuf_debug_get< _B >
niftyLib::IO::streambuf_debug_get< false >
niftyLib::IO::streambuf_debug_put< _B >
niftyLib::IO::streambuf_debug_put< false >
niftyLib::IO::streambuf_device< CharT, TraitsT >A device<CharT,TraitsT> subclass which may be plugged onto a basic_streambuf<Chart,TraitsT>
niftyLib::IO::syslog_device< CharT, TraitsT >Output device for the syslog facility found on many UNIX systems
niftyLib::IO::time_log_filterA subclass of basic_log_filter which dumps a time-stamp of the current time whenever the streambuf hits a line-feed

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