connection Struct Reference

#include <src/base.h>

Data Fields

connection_state_t state
time_t read_idle_ts
time_t close_timeout_ts
time_t write_request_ts
time_t connection_start
time_t request_start
struct timeval start_tv
size_t request_count
size_t loops_per_request
int fd
int fde_ndx
int ndx
int is_readable
int is_writable
int keep_alive
int file_started
int file_finished
chunkqueue * write_queue
chunkqueue * read_queue
chunkqueue * request_content_queue
int traffic_limit_reached
off_t bytes_written
off_t bytes_written_cur_second
off_t bytes_read
off_t bytes_header
int http_status
sock_addr dst_addr
buffer * dst_addr_buf
buffer * parse_request
unsigned int parsed_response
request request
request_uri uri
physical physical
response response
size_t header_len
buffer * authed_user
array * environment
int got_response
int in_joblist
connection_type mode
void ** plugin_ctx
specific_config conf
buffer * server_name
buffer * error_handler
int error_handler_saved_status
int in_error_handler
void * srv_socket
etag_flags_t etag_flags
int conditional_is_valid [COMP_LAST_ELEMENT]

Field Documentation

struct timeval connection::start_tv [read]

etag_flags_t connection::etag_flags

int connection::conditional_is_valid[COMP_LAST_ELEMENT]

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