lighttpd::IO Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Lighttpd classes and methods for I/O operations.

Most importantly this provides access to the input and output of the current Connection by wrapping lighties C-Style chunkedqueue into the chunked_device. Furthermore we allow access to the "Servers" logging stream by implementng IO::log_ostream and IO::elog_device which hides the details of log output from the plugin developer.

Data Structures

class  chunked_device
 A device ready to be plugged into a niftyLib::IO::device_streambuf This one is needed to read/write from/to the lighttpd specific chunkedqueue data queues. More...
class  elog_log_device
 A lighttpd specific subclass of niftyLb::IO::device which pumps chars into a log file associated with a lighttpd::Server. More...
class  log_ostream
 A std::basic_ostream subclass which creates its own std::basic_streambf instance to communicate with lighties logging system. More...


typedef niftyLib::iexception_t
< lighttpd::Exception


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const ::chunk &c)


static Exception::ostream errorStream

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Function Documentation

std::ostream& lighttpd::IO::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const ::chunk &  c 

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