lighttpd Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

The lighttpd namespace represents everything we need for our C++ framwork interfacing the plugin world of lighttpd.

Main anchor points are:

  • The Server Class

    Holds data and methods reflecting the global state of the lighttpd server. Mainly serves as a pointer to the server struct of lighties/C world. In addition to this we have std::iostream access to the current log stream via Server::log which provides a reference to lighttpd::IO::log_ostream.

  • The Connection Class

    Holds informations and methods applicable to the current connection state. May be used wherever a lighttpd/C connection pointer is needed. In addition one has std::iostream based access to the input and output data of the current connection.

  • The Request Class

    Doesn't provide much for now. Acts as a opaque pointer to the request C-struct.

  • The IO Namespace

    Holds a couple of classes which map lighties I/O concept (mainly the chunkqueue struct) to a niftyLib::IO::device_streambuf via the IO::chunked_device. It also offers access to the logging facility of lighty with the IO::log_ostream which communicates with the help of the IO::log_ostream.

    Much of the real work here is deligated to the more genetic template classes defined in he niftyLib::IO namespace.

Data Structures

class  Connection
 The Connection class instance covers the connection pointer from the lighttpd C-World. More...
class  Content_tmpl
class  Hash
class  module_base
class  module
class  module_traits_base
class  module_traits_base< M, version_1_5_0 >
struct  module_traits
struct  module_adapter
struct  module_adapter< M, MT, PT, version_1_4_18 >
struct  module_adapter< M, MT, PT, version_1_4_19 >
struct  module_adapter< M, MT, PT, version_1_5_0 >
class  module_fptr
 A collection of conditional function pointers. More...
struct  plugin_initializer
struct  plugin_initializer< M, P, version_1_4_18 >
struct  plugin_initializer< M, P, version_1_4_19 >
struct  plugin_initializer< M, P, version_1_5_0 >
struct  plugin_data
struct  plugin_types_1_4_x
struct  plugin_types_1_5_x
struct  plugin_traits< P, version_1_4_18 >
struct  plugin_traits< P, version_1_4_19 >
struct  plugin_traits< P, version_1_5_0 >
class  Request
 This is mainly an opaque pointer to the request struct from the lighttpd C-World. More...
class  Server
class  String


namespace  IO
 Lighttpd classes and methods for I/O operations.
namespace  TESTS


typedef Content_tmpl< 0 > Content
typedef niftyLib::iexception_t
< niftyLib::Exception


template<class M>
static int init_plugin (::plugin *p)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const String &s)


static const ULONG version_1_4_18 = (1 << 16 | 4 << 8 | 18 )
static const ULONG version_1_4_19 = (1 << 16 | 4 << 8 | 19 )
static const ULONG version_1_5_0 = (1 << 16 | 5 << 8 | 0 )
static const ULONG version_Current = LIGHTTPD_VERSION_ID
static Exception::ostream errorStream

Typedef Documentation

Function Documentation

template<class M>
static int lighttpd::init_plugin ( ::plugin *  p  )  [inline, static]

std::ostream& lighttpd::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const String &  s 

References lighttpd::String::buffer(), and NULL.

Variable Documentation

const ULONG lighttpd::version_1_4_18 = (1 << 16 | 4 << 8 | 18 ) [static]

const ULONG lighttpd::version_1_4_19 = (1 << 16 | 4 << 8 | 19 ) [static]

const ULONG lighttpd::version_1_5_0 = (1 << 16 | 5 << 8 | 0 ) [static]

const ULONG lighttpd::version_Current = LIGHTTPD_VERSION_ID [static]

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