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Dearest Surfer

Welcome to my slug. My little corner on the net for thoughts, code, junk and my shameless self representation. You might want to learn more about me or have a look at my formal CV

Furthermore you'll find code here which I found worthy to make it publicly available.

Yours sincerely

AdAuction. A Wordpress Plugin for advertisement auctioning.

lineup.shoes Needed a way to sell advertisement space and we thought it should be great if advertisers can claim their own billboard on the wordpress system.

Therefor I wrote the AdAuction Wordpress Plugin.

std::set<...> as a Suffix Array
My personal implementation of Suffix Arrays based on the C++ standard container std::set<...> with some magic provided by a custom comparator can be found here.
Something for Android
Jumped on the bandwaggon and coded something for Android. Have to admit the Eclipse environment with all the nifty tools for Android development is almost too good with all the wornings about missing resources and stuff. Not that I'm complaining.
Here comes DeviceN
One of the major motivations for the implementation of poppler-agg was the ability to implement a wide variaty of color spaces beside the usual RGBA and CMYK. I had some time to implement the agg::device_na<N> color elements in my AGG clone. and the poppler code now uses this new flexible color model.
Smooth Gradients
While implementing gradient fill for my AGG Poppler Backend I found that some gradients looked kind of jaggy which was due to the fact that the AGG library only uses 4 bit precision for subpixel calculation in gradient fill. When PDF documents define their gradient space in small ranges like G:=[0.0 ... 1.0] and later scales them up by changing the current transformation matrix the result doesn't look very satisfying . Therefor I expanded the AGG API in order to support different subixel shift values. Read more here.
Biradial gradient support for AGG Lib
In order to support PDF/Postscript style radial gradient fill with two circles which do not have to be concentric defining the gradient I've added this kind of fill to my branch of the AGG Lib. See details here.
Maxim Shemanarev is dead
I just learned that Maxim Shemanarev died one the 26th of November 2013. He was the author of the AGG library and always appeared to be kind of an obscure figure. Nowadays one expects to find all kind of informations about someone on the net, but there wasn't much to find about Maxim beside his amazing code which I use in my poppler-agg project. He wrote one of the best code I've ever had my eyes on. This is the way C++ is meant to be used. May be in these days of fast fluctuating fame on the net this kind of brilliant code is the strongest legacy one may have.
AGG Support for Poppler
It really has been a while since anything significant happened with own code projects. But now I came up with something worth sharing. I have started to work on an AGG backend for the popplerlibrary.
Documentation Frency
I've turned into documentation burst mode and wrote a Tutorial about the Usage of niftyLib::IO::device_streambuf . My contribution to the wonderfull world of I/O streaming and character code conversion.
First public release of ligh++pd the C++ framework for lighttpd
Finally got my C++ framework for lighttpd up and running. Currently the following functionalites are available:
  • Template based plugin definition

    A plugin is represented by a subclass of lighttpd::module_base< NAME> . Where NAME represents the name under which the module is to be known for the lighttpd server.

  • lighttpd::Server and lighttpd::Connection serve as opaque pointers to ::server and ::connection

    In addition to this the classes provide access to logging, request input and response output via std::iostream classes.

  • ::buffer gets covered in lighttpd::String

    This makes lighties standard container for string data compatible with std::string

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